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Hey! I'm Chris DeSilva.

I'm a developer currently based out of Austin, Texas. Yeehaw and whatnot. I love working on web and mobile applications with a specialty in all things JavaScript. My current focus is React and React Native, but I've played a bit with Next.js, Gatsby, Angular, Express, and Node as well.

Animated Chris DeSilva

I'm a teacher at heart.

After teaching middle school for 8 years and taking a non-traditional route into software development, I found myself missing the experience of helping others learn and grow. This site aims to lend a hand to those on their development journey through videos and blog posts.

I love music, sports, and outdoor adventure.

My wife and I have gone to 15 U.S. National Parks and are ready for more once our daughter can sit up safely in one of those sweet baby hiking backpacks. I like to take advantage of the vibrant music scene here in Austin and enjoy playing guitar and singing as well. Fall weekends typically involve lots of couch time being disappointed by the Wisconsin Badgers and Dallas Cowboys. Other parts of the year are spent with the Cubs and Bulls.